Reopening Soon?

Reopening Soon?

There are several ways for you to volunteer once we reopen. Contact Angella Browne [ or 240-316-6594] or the church office [301-853-2224] if you’d like to assist.

Volunteers for iPad Donations

As churches prepare to re-open their building, the Allegheny East Conference’s Risk Management department is requesting that they implement a registration process where members would register prior to attending in-person services. This would allow the church to record who is in the building during the pandemic, and will also allow for contact tracing in the event an exposure to COVID-19 occurs during church services. Metropolitan’s reopening committee would like to purchase two iPads and two iPad kiosks to place in the church foyer so that members who did not register online can register and can complete the COVID-19 screen prior to entering the sanctuary. 

The team is seeking members to sponsor these purchases. The iPads cost $340 each; the kiosks cost $125 each. If you’d like to donate, please send via CashApp using the church’s handle [$MetroSDAChurch] or take your donation to the church office.  These contributions are tax-deductible.

Volunteers for Security Teams

So that we ensure compliance with the wearing of face masks, ensuring six feet of separation between members, socially distant seating arrangements and other COVID-19 requirements for the church’s re-opening, the re-opening committee is seeking 12 volunteers to encourage and assist members to maintain compliance during the church service. Volunteers will be stationed throughout the building and will make periodic checks to ensure the members are safe during worship.

Volunteers for Church Disinfection Teams

To ensure the safety of our church members and visitors during in-person services, high touch areas of the church will be disinfected every 15 minutes for the duration of the service. The reopening committee is seeking 12 volunteers to assist with disinfecting the church during services.

Contact Angella Browne [ or 240-316-6594] or the church office [301-853-2224] if you’d like to assist with any of the opportunities